John's Lake

The lake is a man made Record capability slalom site in Wantage, NJ, developed in 1975. In 2012 we held our 100th tournament, a record capability slalom event. Over the years there have been National Records set here and several Eastern Regional records set here. The main lake is an ideal uniform depth allowing consistent turning at all buoys. A Ski Nautique is always used for training and tournaments. In fact, the owner of the site, John Autore, was on Correct Craft's promotional Ski Nautique program since 1974. The lake has two complete six buoy slalom courses which overlap to allow for longer entries on this short ski lake. Coves on each end of the lake enhance performances on the relatively short main lake.

Skiing the Lake

The starting dock is located on the east end cove, with a "soft" whip style entry on the opening pass. To eliminate confusion with the overlapping courses, the entrance gates are red buoys and the exit gates are green buoys, on both ends. For the second pass, the skier will be pulling "against" the boat for the gate setup, but be patient, there is plenty of time. The most common prevailing breeze is light from the west, so your opening pass may be into a slight headwind. The white markers in the cove turns mark shallow water, so do not ski shore side of these markers. A very favorable attribute of John's Lake is the location of the starting dock and main viewing/judging area. People are friendly and accommodating, enjoy your experience!

GPS(41.298493,-74.646589) :: Google Map

D3 Quest 45